Cardano Vasil Upgrade 1.35.3 -

Hello everybody!

We want to share some updates on our upgrade. The API is fully functional running nodes on mainnet and testnet version 1.35.3. Keep in mind that if anybody is running a node with a prior 1.35 version using cntools, you can reuse the stored data in the DB folder to sync the new node.

First, run the node for the first time so that it creates all the required files and directories. Stop the node and then change the name of the newly created folders within the DB directory (immutable, ledger, and volatile). Now, make a copy or move the folders within the “DB” directory (immutable, ledger, volatile) of the old node into the new node “DB” directory. That’s it.

This last step will save you days of impatiently waiting for the node to be updated. Remember to start the node before copying old files into the new node. For more information visit our website and check out our launchpad, create entire NFT collections directly from our website!

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