Vasil Upgrade | Mainnet and Testnet

Hello everybody!

I wanted to share a little bit of what we’ve been working on lately. We are an API first Saas platform that enables people to engage in the Cardano blockchain. We offer both mainnet and testnet environments.

We have upgraded all of our nodes (Mainnet and Testnet) to the latest Babbage era. We’ve also released a web-based launchpad to mint collections of native tokens (NFT or Fungibles) directly from our website, and we finally enabled our pool’s BP and relays infrastructure.

If you like the project here’s more information and documentation about our system.
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Bakrypt Stake Pool
Ticker: BAK
Pool Id: 02c7bc63afd139ca2f651259abf66bb6d4605feaade7b41ed3d9bc19

Testnet Bakrypt

Documentation, guides and code samples

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I’m happy to see that this has a free tier with some basic services included. Have you considered submitting your project to the Developer Portal? (cc: @adatainment)


Thank you for your interest! We are currently doing the due diligence to submit the project to the Cardano developer portal.

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