Cardano Wallet - Are wallet ids sensitive information?

Hello I have just looked into the github cardano-wallet repository and wasn’t sure if wallet ids are just like public addresses - not very sensitive information. Because to me it seems like they are. How are nft market places supposed to work like on opensea where each address is connected to a user. Accounts are created for every public address and the site queries assets that are owned by that address. The problem is, each cardano wallet has tons of public addresses… How does a website connect a user with multiple public addresses ? Wallet API

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Hello @donnu

The user would connect by using the address they choose. All ADA and assets will be visible trough any address. ADA is not held in an address it is actually a collection of UTxOs.

Here is an example of Cardano NFT sales site, if you would like to see how they onboard clients: CNFT.IO

Also, you can check and see that any address that is from same wallet will show you the same assets. You can use (for example) POOL.PM search, enter wallet address and look at assets. Then enter another address of the same wallet and check again. You’ll see they are the same.

As for Opensea, that is Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum uses Account Based model and not UTxO model. Functionally very different way of tracking database states. So, a direct copy of Opeansea wouldn’t work until transaction model difference is accounted for.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: :