Cardano web3 template for building hybrid dApps with Mongo and Express

Name: Cardano web3 express skeleton
Description: Open-source Cardano web3 template for building hybrid dApps with Mongo and Express
GitHub: GitHub - jmagan/cardano-express-web3-skeleton: Backend skeleton for Cardano Web3 hybrid dApps. This backend uses Express as server and MongoDB as user database. It provides a basic API REST for authentication and authorization using CIP-0008 signing spec and CIP-0030 Cardano dApp-wallet web bridge.

Hello everyone! I’m very happy to share my small contribution to the ecosystem. I’ve found during my Plutus learning experience that a small backend may be necessary for deploying our smart contracts. It can be useful, for example, when we want to customize our plutus scripts based in a decentralised ID.

I chose to use a standard MERN stack because it’s very common and well-known. I was looking for adoption so I though it could be the best option. I want to implement more templates with different technologies. There are a lot of new exciting technologies like NextJS, Denon, etc…

The backend works with the CIP-0008 message signing spec. I’ve created a general purpose payload signing method to interact with the backend and to authenticate the users. I’ll write more about it in the future. Stay tuned!

I would love to read your feedbacks and suggestions and you are welcome to report any bugs or improvements.

And if you like the project, please remember to star the repo :slight_smile:.