Cardano webpage visible for 2 seconds then blank

Did use different browsers.I want to browse the website

It comes short then a blank page


Hi @Vizva

You probably just have to clear your cache :slight_smile:


Ok i did but still the same.

Then i have the same with Firefox 78Esr Chromium 90.0.4430.85 and Tor Browser latest

Can you test it with your smartphone without using your wifi?

At the moment i have no
5g or some plan But i can browse it there with my wifi.
Thats enough for me.
But i will try one thing…

Hm not really sure what causes the problem then but it must be something on your end (on your computer).

Have a nice day!


ok i am on debian.On windows it works.Looks like a host fíle which dont like cardano term :wink:

All other websites i didnt see some problems

Have a nice day too Thx

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Ok then is there activity tracking and cookies for identify on other websites and a fingerprinter.

This is not a good sign if someone is behind you like that without inform you every day about and explicit.