Cardano will be more interoperable with Bitcoin and other blockchains

The next hard-fork combinator event is planned for February 2023. This is another upgrade of the Cardano network which will bring several new improvements (CIPs). In this article, we will discuss CIP-0049. It proposes two new Plutus built-in functions for ECDSA and Schnorr signature verifications. The CIP is aimed to bring Plutus interoperability with other blockchains like Bitcoin, EVM sidechains, etc.


  • To increase the interoperability of blockchains, they need to understand each other at the cryptographic level.
  • Bitcoin uses Schnorr signatures, Ethereum ECDSA, and Cardano EdDSA.
  • Plutus developers will be able to verify Schnorr and ECDSA signatures and will be able to use these cryptographic algorithms in their apps.

This article was prepared by Cardanians with support from Cexplorer.

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