Cardano Workshop Jakarta: Mini Ambassador Program

Mini Ambassadors

The programme’s mission is to provide young people like you with the opportunity to become involved in the Cardano Community Indonesia campaign: Cardano Hub Surabaya And Cardano Workshop Jakarta. Through the programme we hope to:

  • ENGAGE young people via interactive training and skill-based activities;
  • EMPOWER them to speak out their ideation, promote decent work and make a quality education; and
  • INSPIRE them to innovate ideation solutions that make a positive change in their community.

What will you get out of being a Mini Ambassador?

Get a headstart on a successful future

Through Cardano Hub Surabaya And Cardano Workshop Jakarta and skills-based workshops, you’ll have the invaluable opportunity to develop your personal, social and leadership skills. We also offer certificates and awards that recognise your contribution to our charity and will help you stand out from the crowd when pursuing further education and employment in the future.

Learn to believe in yourself

Our Mini Ambassadors candidates often tell us that their experience with low paid jobs has taught them to believe in themselves in ways they never had before. Join the programme to boost your confidence, self-esteem and personal resilience

Grow your social circles with new friendships

Join this empowering community of like minded people who want to make a difference. We hold regular meetings and social events for ambassadors to meet, share experiences and have fun, and many leave the programme with new lifelong friends!

Irvan Tisnabudi
“Joining the ecosystem is fun and profitable, even if you already work for a company, it is very transparent and opportunities are wide!” -CEO of WeRent-

Nikolas Papet
“ To get involved in the ecosystem is new knowledge and opportunity is for all of us” - CEO of Arise Network-

Could you be a Mini Ambassador?

We’re always on the lookout for inspiring young people to join our mission! You might be exactly what we’re looking for if you:

  • Are aged between 17 and 65 years old;
  • Have a good level of spoken and written English;
  • Are friendly and care about others, especially in decent jobs.
  • Are able to demonstrate a history of good moral and ethical character;
  • Are passionate about reducing the effects of paradox informations;
  • Are able to commit to a volunteer role with chosen timeframe.

What will you do?


If you’re passionate about raising awareness of Cardano Ideascale in schools, you could get involved in the educational work we do. This could include such activities as delivering presentations in schools and youth settings or simply talking to your class about kindness, friendship and inclusion in terms of Cardano Hubs in Surabaya and Jakarta.


If you’re eager to spread awareness of Blockchain and its effects in your local community, you could visit local leisure centers in Surabaya, libraries, and community hubs in Jakarta. You may also want to promote BulliesOut by handing out our information flyers(Cardano Indonesia Telegram), cards and newsletters in your school(always using our Hashtag), church, or other groups you’re a part of.


Want to spread the word as far as possible? Then media outreach might be a good fit for you! Some of our Mini Ambassadors speak about their experiences to local and national media to raise awareness of Cardano Workshop Jakarta and promote positive change and furthermore!

What will you get?

  1. Volunteer role
  2. First timer involve with future funded proposal
  3. Create your own proposal with help if you want.
  4. First timer for the Local projects by Cardano hub Surabaya and Cardano Workshop Jakarta.
  5. OWN Your Territory!

We’re a busy bunch at Cardano Hub and Cardano Workshop Jakarta, and as an Project Manager and teams, we will expect you to keep up to date with what we’re up to and, importantly, to keep us updated with what you’ve been doing for the charity! If you’re old enough to use social media, we’d love for you to share your hard work and heartfelt experiences with the Indonesian Nation using our hashtags, #Cardano4Indonesia #MakeDecentWork and #SpeakOutIdeation

Does this sound like you?

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