NEW! Cardano Ambassador Indonesia

Our project manager @Fanny_wijaya has been named Cardano Ambassador with the role of Meetup organizer on February 28 2024. Dai will start working as Cardano Ambassador in March 2024.

Speech From Cardano Ambassador :

Hey! My name is Fanny Wijaya, new Cardano Ambassador Indonesia!

My in Cardano Workshop Jakarta has resulted in existence in several communities becoming potential proposer and reviewer
Also I became a pioneer in Cardano Hub Surabaya along with other core team members of Cardano Indonesia
And have an ongoing and continuous Cardano Woman Indonesia activity.
The three pillars of Cardano Indonesia will be expanding to other big cities in the future, I welcome any kind of support and standing side by side with you guys!

As Cardano Ambassador Indonesia of MeetUp Organizer, I will focus on building governance and systems where everyone aligns with the Cardano Roadmap, build dapps and solutions locally to support the ADA and the ecosystem.

Good luck, Love @Fanny_wijaya

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