Woman on Community : Collaboration with Depo Crypto: AMA Series with Cardano Hub


Our Project Manager [ @Fanny_wijaya ] as Cardano Ambassador and Felix as Lead of Cardano Hub Surabaya were speakers for the AMA with one of the Crypto media called DEPO CRYPTO. The topic has escalated from general blockchain and crypto to the development of Cardano ecosystem in Indonesia, the trend and future expectations of our beloved community in Indonesia. Starting point of becoming a general trader of cryptocurrency and the point of view of project catalyst this whole time. They also introduce how the project catalyst always wants to overcome the remaining challenges from the Indonesian region as well, as the proposal will become a project and they will have responsibility to nurture its values.

This event was broadcast via Depo Crypto’s Instagram live, Fanny and Felix’s Instagram, we were surprised that we were enthusiastic about watching this event, bringing in 141 viewers during the live broadcast. The big movement of the Cardano ecosystem in Indonesia depends on its unity of information and its projects movements, still the participants of its side are the value of all.

Fanny appears as a representative of women who are active in the Cardano Ecosystem, Fanny as Project Manager and Founder of Cardano Woman Indonesia provides a concrete example that women can contribute to the Cardano Ecosystem. His movement started from his experience starting his career from being a Community Reviewer to being a Proposal Submitter and becoming one of the organizers for offline and online events for Cardanao Hub Surabaya and Cardano Workshop Jakarta.

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Cardano Woman Indonesia

Hwllo The Video AMA Already Update https://youtu.be/DlLvfaHu-SE?si=ml5wdyk3b3ffcSs3

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