Collaboration with Depo Crypto: AMA Series with Cardano Hub

:calendar: Wednesday, 20 March 2024

:bulb: Purpose of Event

  • Exploring Cardano : Unveiling Insight & Discuss About Roadmap Cardano in 2024
  • Sharing knowledge & discussion about Cardano ecosystem

:speaker: Host & Speaker

  • @Fanny_wijaya (Host & Speaker)
  • Felix Christanto Lead cardano Hub Surabaya- Speaker
  • Destriani - Depo Crypto
  • Baikandi - Depo Crypto

:family_man_woman_girl_boy: Total Participants: 141 participants

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:camera_flash: Documentation

:video_camera: Video

In order to get more channels and cooperation occurred organically, striking through the third parties and middleman, Cardano Hub Surabaya and Cardano Workshop Jakarta decided to take AMA action with Depo Crypto, one of the very picky community channel in Jakarta with bountiful resources from its owner, Mr. Aidil Akbar; a merely known financial planner and influencer in the industry. The preparation took a month, but the result is satisfactory. More crowds gather and lead to the same vision, having more ideation to the project. Inclusive at its time.

The topic has escalated from general blockchain and crypto to the development of Cardano ecosystem in Indonesia, the trend and upcoming expectations of our beloved community in Indonesia. Starting point of becoming a general trader of cryptocurrency and the point of view of project catalyst this whole time.
We also introduce how the project catalyst always wants to overcome the remaining challenge from the Indonesian region as well, as the proposal will become a project and they will have responsibility to nurture its values.

While hundreds of viewers online came, the mass adoption came to the surface and was questioned about. Of course just like any other chain, Cardano has its own adoption phase depending on the projects which we believe is more qualified with its fundamental idea, Ideascale. The big movement of the Cardano ecosystem in Indonesia depends on its unity of information and its projects movements, still the participants of its side are the value of all.

Depo Crypto entity present one influencer of Television shows and one expert of crypto trading, this manages the exact 141 viewers and actively comments. Destriani and Baikandi got more educational questions toward Felix and Fanny as Surabaya Lead and Project Manager.
Some of the information amazed Depo Crypto and as a community driven channel, they have more purpose with an independent movement to become Community Reviewer.