Cardanos Africa stratagy

IOHK has done no other organization has done, but in the face of competition more needs to be done.

An often-ignored fact by strategists is the political, economic and cultural influence of African diaspora in the home country. Not always positive and welcome by home governments but very influential nonetheless. If we take the African diaspora as a single community it has better access to the African population than the African governments.

From remittance to business, African diaspora faces huge hurdles in dealing with the home country. Cardano can strengthen its adoption by providing solutions that ease the problems of the African diaspora in addition to governments.

National and multinational NGOs are always in need of improving their efficiency and there are many of them in Africa. Many are exploring or using Blockchain technology as we speak.

The NGOs and the diaspora community have access to resources and people some times better than governments.

Cardano’s engagement with governments is essential but engagement with the mentioned communities could help it’s adoption to grow exponentially.


Good idea! Any suggestions on how to engage with these groups?

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Community organizations, churches, African diaspora owned businesses… which all of them easily accessible.
This is a work probably better suited for the Cardano foundation and Emurgo than IOHK. They need to invest time and effort in networking, identify problems and offering solutions.


This work is suited more for an Ambassador rather than the CF or Emurgo I think, the design of this platform is meant to heavily rely on the community to propel it forward (my perspective), if you have some good idea’s that could be implemented on how to network, how to share identified problems and how to develop solutions let’s hear them, IOHK should not be relied on to develop all aspects of the Integration of the community that will develop in Africa - a few hours a month and several community members could get something started with African community orgaization’s - churches - African diaspora owned businesses (which honestly I believe would be very interested in Cardano’s vision for Africa), a little leg work done in the right direction could be started by you if your so interested.
I hope you take some action on the subject.

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I hope this thread doesn’t die, can you articulate a bit further your view @tefera? Do you have any “first steps” in mind?

I could not add more than what I stated above. Though Ambassadors could have a role, this is more of providing a solution to problems and marketing them than organizing a community.

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Hi @tefera
I am working on providing collaboration between organizations, users and industry into a common ecosystem that will integrate seamlessly with Cardano, and thus enabling Industry 5.0
We do not base anything around religion though, as this is biased and conflicting. We are also gender equal company.
What we do however is enabling every idea to be groundbreaking, without the need of know-how for Intellectual Property, Patents or how to set up a business.

Send me a pm if you would like to collaborate. I am in need of developers in php and rust
We are also looking for co-tech founders


Getting in touch with groups should be easy enough as long as there is a product that solves their problem and a coherent strategy to engage them. I have in fact planed to hold a workshop to such groups but without a product it would be simply an orientation workshop about the potential of Blockchain, which from my experience is not very interesting for uninitiated.
There are groups that are attempting to do this things but not with the organizational or professional capacity of Cardano.

Thanks Roarch
I must inform you i am not a developer. I am a Blockchain enthusiast and being a diaspora myself, participate in community organizations and issues.

Churches are are simply another form of community organizations. For example we have Muslims, Orthodox Christians and protestants in our community. It is not uncommon for members that belong in one religion to raise money to members who belong to other religions so that they can have a place to worship.

It is often when politician take control of communities that conflicts arise. In diaspora politicians have very little control of diaspora communities though I can not say it doesn’t exist.

IOHKs work and it’s idealistic approach in Africa is commendable. There are many leaders and politicians who work to make the life of their citizens better. But the reality of Africa is that corrupt politicians outnumber honest once and from experience I expect resistance sooner or later to a product that potentially result in the politicians loosing their grip on the community and power.

That is where the diaspora community can help. It can be a catalyst (say it a back door if you wish) that accelerates the adoption of Cardano in their home country whether some of the politicians like it or not.

And Cardano support organizations (IOHK, EMURGO, CF) do not need to do anything objectionable but provide a unified solution to problems of the diaspora which could be part of the solutions they are providing to the governments already. The solutions would improve the foreign currency flow and ease the governments engagement with the diaspora community.

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That said if this job can be done by a third party I will be willing to assist. My expectation is good solutions spread quickly as often diaspora communities are bound by similar problems and are loosely networked because of them.
The NOGs and international organizations have often their own interest groups and financiers it needs a more involved networking. NGOs supported by national governments often support groups from with in their own national borders and working with such groups helps.
International organizations such UN, UNHCR… are better accessible but that also needs networking with individuals and groups that understand the inner working of this organizations and CF is better positioned to do such things.

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This big Africa thing: Is there a progress with cardano on that front, type of investments, government branches affected, countries singed or at least announced officially
doing something with Cardano?

When i tjink about africa i think about chinese influence nowadays.Chinese are Merchants in many cases and if they would implement Ada based payments and money transfer systems the message would spread wide and fast.

The chines merchants would never use something that is not approved by Beijing and the Chinese government would never approve the use of cryptocurrency unless they issue it themselves.
Moreover when we speak about Blockchain based services for Africa and the freedom and efficiency it creates Cryptocurrencies are a small part of the equation.

How about the community of African students going abroad for studies ?

  • They are quick to adopt new technologies
  • They are often very in touch with the home country that they just left.
  • They have usually more time than workers
  • They represent an essential part of African future.

My role as a former diaspora member back home:
I live in Ivory Coast where I slowly and lonesomely build a community for Cardano. I did a few conferences to students and researchers about the crypto-economy in general, although always mentioning Cardano as the most promising blockchain technology. I’m animating a 2 hour weekly course with to engage en few phd students them in crypto-economics. I am personally finishing to learn Haskell and hope to be ready in a few weeks to build my first dApps. I’m also looking for support locally to hire two full time developpers who should learn and develop dApps on cardano. An example of such dApps is the one your refer too when you mention remittance. I sketch it below. I am sure it could be adopted by

  • parents (P) sending money to their kids (K) who just went abroad, on one side
  • student (S) who found a job and who started to send money back home (H), on the other.

For example, instead of having :
P XOF → conversion + high transfer cost → EUR to K
and at the same time
S EUR → conversion + high transfer cost → XOF to H

a rather simple dApps could probably redirect payments so that :
P XOF → low transfer cost → H XOF
S EUR → low transfer cost → K EUR

I agree that the diaspora in an important player in the African economies and they should be targeted.