Hello guys, I’m seven month old in CRYPTO and I have decided to cut a path for myself in Cardano. And I meant I really love CARDANO

While I have done a bit of research on the forum, looking for a breakdown on career paths available for anyone to follow. Unfortunately, nothing is showing up as expected. I have so much pieces here and there. However, there is no curation of these pieces in one place for Cardano ecosystem. But I need to begin on a right note.

Do I have anyone in the house who could point me to a link?

For example, I have been dealing dallying on where to begin as a developer. Is it Haskell or Marllowe?

Does starting up as developer leads to running a successful POOL?

I know that experienced ones within system may want give it a try by designing out an infograph or a little cookbook for those trying to hatch a new career in Cardano


How about this …


If you want a “One list to rule them all”, this is the one:


Nice and comprehensive.@STAY_Pool

Maybe the Emugro Academy will point you in the right directions. Blockchain Certification Courses & Training | Emurgo Academy

Project Catalyst is not necessarily a career path at this time but if you aren’t involved, you should be.
You can connect with us on discord:

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