Catalyst Beginner Workshop Episode 1

Report on Catalyst Ghana Beginner Workshop 2023: Episode 1

Hi fellow Community members,
I commenced the First episode of what I titled, “Catalyst Beginner Workshop 2023” meetup series on Saturday 11th November 2023, with the goal of introducing and onboarding new participants to Project Catalyst. The session aimed to provide insights into the funding stages, individual roles, active participation, and acquaint participants with the IdeaScale platform.

The workshop witnessed an enthusiastic participation of 32 individuals eager to explore the depths of Project Catalyst. The session commenced with an overview of the initiative, emphasizing its significance in fostering community-driven projects within the blockchain space.

Discussion Topics:

Project Catalyst Overview:

The event delved into the foundational aspects of Project Catalyst, providing a comprehensive understanding of its objectives and how it serves as a catalyst for innovative blockchain projects.

Funding Stages:

Participants were educated on the distinct funding stages within Project Catalyst, outlining the processes involved from project ideation to implementation.

Roles and Active Participation:

A detailed discussion unfolded regarding the diverse roles individuals can play in contributing to Project Catalyst. Emphasis was placed on active participation and the positive impact it brings to community-driven initiatives.

Introduction to Catalyst Innovation platform (IdeaScale):

To facilitate effective engagement, participants were introduced to the IdeaScale platform, a central hub for project submissions, collaboration, and community voting. Practical demonstrations equipped attendees with the knowledge needed to navigate and contribute to the platform.


The Catalyst Beginner Workshop 2023 successfully served its purpose of enlightening 32 participants on Project Catalyst, its funding stages, the significance of active participation, and familiarizing them with the IdeaScale platform. The engaged audience demonstrated a keen interest in actively participating in Fund 11 thus laying a promising foundation for future workshops in the series.

Follow the link to watch excerpts of Episode 1 of the catalyst workshop:

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Awesome work @Jeremiah!

Will members of your community submit any proposals in Fund11?

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Thanks @Nicolas! yes I have a couple of members who have submitted proposals in Fund 11. But many of the members as it stands now wants to participate in the community review process so they get to understand everything and how proposals are structured so they can give it a try in subsequent funding rounds. This has necessitated that i commence a training on the community reviewing process to guide them on how to setup and what’s required of them to be able to properly review proposals. I have scheduled to commence that training tonight 9pm UTC :blush:

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