Catalyst Beginner Workshop Episode 3

Report on Catalyst Ghana Beginner Workshop 2023: Episode 3

Hi fellow members,
The “Catalyst Beginner Workshop 2023 Episode 3 Meetup” held on the 18th of November, 2023 was a success. This meetup was held at the “Center for Technology Education & Innovation Lab premises in Nalerigu (Ghana).

The session aimed to provide insights into the funding stages, individual roles, active participation, and acquaint participants with the IdeaScale platform.

The session commenced with an overview of the initiative, emphasizing its significance in fostering community-driven projects within the blockchain space.

Topics Discussed:

Project Catalyst Overview

Funding Stages

Roles and Active Participation

Introduction to Catalyst Innovation platform (IdeaScale)

The “Catalyst Beginner Workshop Episode 3” was a success, enlightening participants on Project Catalyst, its funding stages, the significance of active participation, and familiarizing them with the IdeaScale platform.

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