Catalyst FUND8予算対提案数分析

タイトル (a)Budget (b)Num of proposal (c)=(a)/(b) URL
Cardano scaling solutions $1,000,000 18 $55,556 Community
Developer Ecosystem $1,000,000 33 $30,303 Community
The Great Migration (from Ethereum) $500,000 19 $26,316 Community
Nation Building Dapps $800,000 36 $22,222 Community
Open Standards & Interoperability $500,000 23 $21,739 Community
DApps and Integrations $2,500,000 116 $21,552 Community
Open Source Development Ecosystem $1,200,000 58 $20,690 Community
Lobbying for favorable legislation $300,000 21 $14,286 Community
Business Solutions (B2B & B2C) $1,000,000 81 $12,346 Community
Gamers On - Chained $500,000 42 $11,905 Community
Cross-Chain Collaboration $400,000 34 $11,765 Community
Self-Sovereign Identity $400,000 34 $11,765 Community
Accelerate Decentralized Identity $500,000 44 $11,364 Community
Improve and Grow Auditability $200,000 18 $11,111 Community
Scale-UP Cardano’s Community Hubs $500,000 62 $8,065 Community
Community Advisor Improvements $100,000 14 $7,143 Community
Miscellaneous Challenge $500,000 81 $6,173 Community
Grow Africa, Grow Cardano $250,000 41 $6,098 Community
New Member Onboarding $200,000 40 $5,000 Community
Grow East Asia, Grow Cardano $150,000 33 $4,545 Community
Grow India, Grow Cardano $150,000 36 $4,167 Community
Film + Media (FAM) creatives unite! $150,000 38 $3,947 Community

Have given up trying to vote for a project.
No one has answered on Facebook.
Here is my request on the Cardano site:

“Once again I was unable to vote.
Had correctly established my voting power, and updated my Catallyst app as instructed when I went to vote from Daedalus.
But it seems to me that Cardano is keeping the information secret.
All I wished to locate is HOW TO LOCATE A PROJECT AND VOTE FOR IT.
but it has been made just complicated enough to fool me. This time I’m fed up with it all and speaking up for the many others who have no clue how to actually find the projects that need support, and then actually FINDING the steps necessary to cast a vote.
I even googled it and found a “step-by=step” process, but it stalled at the precise section I needed to see to take the voting step.
What is it with this?
I guess it has to be me, because everyone else seems to have no issues, except me and a friend on the mainland who abandoned the voting thing in january for the same reason.
On the outside looking in.”

I received ONE reply - from a person who had similar issues.
So I replied to him:

“Thank you for replying Rob.
Management levels are always wanting people to become involved, but don’t even bother to respond when people ask for help to actually vote.
Surely it is not difficult for them to follow their own processes and see where people could be hitting a roadblock.
Anyway - that was my last attempt. I havesubstantial voting power but cannot use it - go figure.
Still on the outside - no longer looking in.”

So Cardano - you have yourselves to accept responsibility for the difficult process.
There must be thousands of people out there who have also attempted to vote, only to hit a roadblock instead of a roadmap.
As mentioned - I was able to register, and saved the QR code as a pdf.
Then I successfully particiaped in the snapshot.
But after that - pfuttf
I feel sorry for the projects that are trying to attract funding, but don’t blame the stake-hoilders - complain to IOGlobal about their very messy process.!

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Thank you for the explanation.
But this is not a new problem, so the delay in addressing the situation is unacceptable.
It is better for me to just not attempt to participate. I have other projects that need my attention.
Thank you for your reply.