CatalystFUND10日本関連提案通過結果 🎉 (9.7億円中、7.5億円ほどが通過)




投票数・賛成ADA量・反対ADA量・純賛成ADA量などのデータも参考までに添付します!!(この画像については純賛成ADA量の純にソートしています) :bowing_woman:

調達成否 提案者 提案名 金額(1ada=40円換算)
:o: BTBF SPO JAPAN GUILD - Continued operation of the Japanese SPO community ¥10,130,000
:o: BTBF Blocklog linked Leader status and Epoch leader notification service - Multilingual Support and Maintenance. ¥3,220,800
:o: BTBF SJG TOOLS V2 - Stake Pool Setup & Operation TUI Tool in Japanese ¥8,700,000
:o: Buck Nguyen Cardano Asia TikTok Channel (Expand to Japan :jp: and Vietnam :vietnam:) ¥2,793,840
:o: Daniel Friedman Ecosystem Building & Large-scale Atala Tech Deployment Blueprint ¥22,000,000
:o: Daniel Friedman Winter Protocol: Open-Source Traceability & Real World Asset Tokenization ¥8,000,000
:o: Daniel Friedman New SPO revenue streams for securing bridge infrastructure ¥34,000,000
:o: Eastern Town Hall Eastern Town Hall Operation: Cardano & Catalyst Onboarding Platform for The Eastern Hemisphere ¥2,477,240
:o: Eystein Hansen dRep Recruitment, Training, and Ethical Code Development Workshops ¥5,060,000
:o: Shusuke Wakuda Exhibit Largest Blockchain EXPO(JP):Cardano is hardly recognized in Japan. Therefore, we will exhibit at one of the largest trade shows to raise awareness and encourage developers to enter the market. 日本でカルダノは未だ認知不足の為、最大級の展示会に出展し多くの参加者を巻き込み開発を促進します。 ¥10,680,960
:o: Yuri Kuriyama(ゆーにゃ/JPEG.STORE) Onboard Japanese Big IP holders onto Cardano space and Build an IP Certification system on the Cardano blockchain ¥11,651,600
:o: Kazunori Asahi/Ranket Crypto magazine published by Japanese polular Publisher Futaba-Sha ¥10,000,000
:o: RANKET Potential Catalyst survey in Japan for truely decentralized DAO system on Cardano. ¥3,000,000
:o: Makoto Harada/Ranket Cardano Based Web3 Blockchain Center in Tokushima-Yoshinogawa Japan ¥9,600,000
:o: Kuniaki Abe For the Enterprise Domain, Decentralized Identity Solution Implementation ¥39,120,000
:o: Long Nguyen Le Vu Minswap Liquidity Bootstrapping for DAOs ¥8,240,000
:o: Long Nguyen Le Vu Minswap Aiken V2 Audit ¥18,680,000
:o: Long Nguyen Le Vu Minswap Aiken Stableswap Audit + Bug Bounty ¥13,280,000
:o: Luke Mahoney MLabs - Cardano Onchain Languages Benchmark ¥10,857,200
:o: Luke Mahoney MLabs - LambdaBuffers (was Cardano dApp schemas) code generation backends for Rust, Javascript and Aiken ¥10,422,840
:o: Luke Mahoney MLabs - Browser-based Wallet for Developers & Testers ¥10,042,800
:o: Luke Mahoney MLabs – Cardano Game Engine Wallet - Godot Integration ¥21,895,200
:o: Luke Mahoney MLabs - Cardano-Transaction-Library Evolution ¥9,047,600
:o: Luke Mahoney MLabs – CEMScript SDK: get your DApp implementation from annotated on-chain logic state-machine ¥11,671,440
:o: Luke Mahoney MLabs – Congested Testnet ¥9,085,600
:o: Luke Mahoney MLabs - DeNS (Decentralized Name System): Phase I ¥10,314,000
:o: Luke Mahoney MLabs - Re-think CIP-30 wallet interface standard ¥10,857,200
:o: Luke Mahoney MLabs – Streamlining Cardano Deployment with Enhanced NixOS Modules ¥8,685,600
:o: Luke Mahoney MLabs - Purus: PureScript to Plutus Core compiler ¥24,790,440
:o: Luke Mahoney MLabs – Enhancing and Evolving the Plutus Simple Model (PSM) Test Library ¥14,114,400
:o: Luke Mahoney Ikigai + MLabs – Hydra app SDK and auction service ¥52,114,280
:o: Luke Mahoney MLabs – CardaNow – Rapid Infrastructure Caching ¥25,333,200
:o: Luke Mahoney MLabs – SPO-anywhere – Easy Stake Pool Deployment with NixOS ¥11,490,400
:o: Satoshi Sunomata/Ranket Sports Crowdfunding system attached to Funclub application based on Cardano chain ¥15,200,000
:o: Sebastien Guillemot Provide multiple templates on how to write apps and games for the Cardano ecosystem using Paima ¥18,000,000
:o: Sebastien Guillemot Fixing Nintendo’s Problem: Unlocking a Multi-million Dollar NFC/NFT Authentication Market for the Cardano Ecosystem with Open-Source [Cardano Warriors + dcSpark] ¥19,483,800
:o: Sebastien Guillemot Enable apps and games that require large amounts of data to function cheaply while still maximizing availability and safety ¥10,800,000
:o: Sebastien Guillemot Allow Cardano users to call Sidechain smart contracts directly from their Cardano mainnet wallet ¥17,931,040
:o: Sebastien Guillemot Paima onchain game integration of Frontend Game Engines & Novel Technology ¥28,800,000
:o: Sebastien Guillemot Allow using NFTs from Cardano and other ecosystem in onchain games hosted in the Cardano ecosystem ¥26,000,000
:o: Sebastien Guillemot Enable apps and games built in the Cardano ecosystem to leverage ZK cryptography for privacy and scalability ¥18,000,000
:o: Sebastien Guillemot Enable use-cases that require frequent message signing by introducing a safe standard for message signing without wallet prompts ¥7,172,000
:o: Sebastien Guillemot Core integrations to support the fast-growing onchain games and autonomous world segment ¥23,310,320
:o: Sebastien Guillemot Extend NFT sale & drop tools to support dropping more complex assets as required for onchain games ¥20,620,000
:o: Sebastien Guillemot Open standard for cross-game achievement system to gamify onchain participation ¥13,448,000
:o: Sebastien Guillemot Powering onchain game functionality using Cardano stakepools ¥36,000,000
:x: Sebastien Guillemot Open source Marketplace “Opensea-like” for MIlkomeda usecases and Seedstars Galaxy ¥11,600,000
:x: Sebastien Guillemot Support Stateful NFTs (dynamic NFTs) for gaming in NFT marketplaces ¥25,103,440
:x: Sebastien Guillemot Open Source POAP in Cardano ¥14,434,400
:x: Sebastien Guillemot Treasure Chain ¥9,080,000
:x: Sebastien Guillemot Shinkai Visor Cardano Indexer integration (vector DB) ¥5,600,000
:o: Ha Nguyen Cardano For the M₳sses - Japanese Book ¥2,988,800
:x: Ha Nguyen NFT Badge Collections to cerfity freelancers who delivered impacts to Cardano-Catalyst projects ¥1,755,560
:x: Ha Nguyen Online Training Platform for Developers and Freelancers on Cardano ¥7,836,520
:x: Ha Nguyen Web 3 Work Marketplace to connect Freelancer to Business on Cardano ¥13,786,840
:x: Ha Nguyen Cardano SPO Club for non-English speaker ¥3,293,640
:x: Ha Nguyen Support for translation of DREP-related documents into Japanese & Vietnamese (500 pages) ¥2,301,600
:o: Seira Yun Socious: Work History as Verifiable Credentials ¥14,148,560
:o: Seira Yun Socious: Decentralized Referral System for DAOs ¥13,828,560
:x: Seira Yun Socious: Decentralized Escrow and Dispute Resolution ¥13,828,560
:x: Seira Yun Socious: Extended Quadratic Funding for Open Source Projects ¥19,851,440
:x: Seira Yun Socious: NFT-based Gift Cards ¥13,828,560
:x: XTeam Cardanosub - Wordpress Content Subscription Powered by Cardano Blockchain ¥1,420,000
:x: XTeam Cardano Xcard - Digital Business Card exclusively for Cardano Fans ¥3,880,000
:x: yg/Toshimasa Yagi Coffee user review solution with Atala in a Valueway projects ¥9,058,720
:x: yg/Toshimasa Yagi Realization of Carbon Minus Coffee that the more you drink, the more you contribute to carbon reduction ¥29,340,720
:x: Marcus Nguyen Plats - A Cardano Event Platform ¥11,220,000
:x: Mie Tran Cardano Catalyst TV ¥1,240,000
:x: Mie tran dRep TV Hub - to connect 100 dReps <=> thousands of Voters (available in English, Japanese and Vietnamese) ¥2,501,600
:x: Nanako Koyama Secret Book for Travelers to Encounter Life Enriching Wisdom: Co-creating New Signposts to Elevate Quality of Travel Together with Successors of Local Cultures ¥7,200,000
:x: Nobuhito Miura KottoChain: Digitizing and NFTizing Antiques on Cardano to Revive and Enhance the Vanishing Heritage ¥10,500,000
:x: Fred Tanaka Cardano Advancement ¥2,880,000
:x: Junya Yamamoto Empowering Cardano ecosystem by the communication protocol bridging the global and local Cardano ecosystems ¥5,091,440