Chain Rollback

Hi. I’ve just noticed that my explorer stuck on block 20088 of 85th epoch.

So I’ve checked cardano-sl logs as well explorer app logs and saw that there was 20088 block with hash 977b709e8a5c53d9edc2cab1473f4592b201d3082971752596ae9df0524f9ca8 added.

After that cardano-sl tried to retrieve next blocks for about 2 minutes and finally chain was rolled back and 20088 block was removed from it. See logs from my cardano-sl node for details below.

What happened?


Matrix reloaded.

It happened again. Now block with transaction been removed.

Last transaction from this address was included in 2578 block, but after chain reorg block 2578 (as well as transaction) been removed.

Same address at official explorer:


As @vantuz-subhuman kindly explained to me “chain reorganisations might happen all the time, because different slot-leaders might have different view of the chain… that’s normal Ouroboros behavior”

At the same time “All the transactions are changed back to pending and then included in next blocks” which didn’t happen in the last case. Transaction just disappeared and balance is back on the sender’s address.

Adascan been updated accordingly and now match official explorer.