Change relay IP address(es) in a pool configured with CNTools

I’ve seen the CoinCashew guide for changing the IP address on the relays. I’ve also read some of the posts addressing the IP change process. However, is there a specific CNTools guide for changing the IP address of relays nodes (registration process, required keys, registration fee etc)? Thanks.


If u are using cntools and u will want to modify the parameters of the pools starr CNtools and go too POOL >> modify … follow the steps and a new certificate will be created and submited to the network

PS: if u don’t have an offline server then pool/wallet files should be on online server (cold keys and payment.skey)


I’ve got an offline server but I understand what you are saying. I was looking for an online guide for doing this in CNTools from someone that has successfully completed this process before. Maybe I’ll write one :slight_smile: If you know of any gotchas then let me know. Thanks Alex!

If u have an offline machine then create the pool.cert on hybrid mode on live producer, then copy the transaction to offline server and sign it… then copy the signed certificate to live producer and submit it


I generally create cntools transactions and sign them on the air-gapped node and then copy to the live block producer and submit. Is there a compelling reason to create the transaction on the live bp instead?

Edit: I see now. cntools in offline mode doesn’t allow modifications to the pool.