CoinCashew Guide - Some Questions


I’m planning to use the CoinCashew guide to build our stake pool. Went through it, but got few questions:

  1. So for steps 1,2 and 3, this has to be done on all nodes (relays, block producer and the airgapped node)?

  2. Under step 5, it says to update the block producer’s public IP.


If I’m not mistaken, the block producer will not have a public IP address, it will have only a private IP, so is this a typo mistake?


  1. yes
  2. it not a typo. Put that IP there under which the bp is accessible from the relay.
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The “public” ip address can be your internal ip addresses if you are running it all on your local network. But your public ip address for your relay will need to your external ip address (with relevant port forwarding) so that other relays can connect to it. The relay and BP can connect to each other the internal addresses.

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clear, thanks guys.