Loss of connection during topology update

This is where I appear to be hung up this time on my coincashew quest. I inserted my PUBLIC IP address at “block producing IP” . Restarted as per instructions and I pretty quickly lost contact with my block producer. (Everything has been synced and recognizing each other until this dark moment) The block producer and relay are on the same network ie- 192.168.1.XX. I am so close here but I dont have a clue what I could have done wrong. Thanks for any help.

If you’re on the same network, your public IP for the BP only needs to be the internal network address so that the BP and relay talk to each other. The only public address you need is for your relay to connect to the internet and for other relays to connect to the relay. Don’t forget to port forward to your relay node.

So if I initially ran the script in my screen shot with a public IP, ran it a second time with the internal ip. What specifically am I missing. The first addr in my mainnet-topology .json is my internal ip address for the BP.

Make sure you also have your block producer topology pointing to your relay (internal address). Check connectivity between those servers, ports, etc.

Maybe copy/paste both producer and relay topology files here so we can take a look. (Mask public IP addresses for security reasons)

I was able to restore the connection, it was a file permission problem on my bp. Thank you for the help!