Charles AMA 10/21/19


Thanks Donnybaseball!

It was very entertaining. Charles was on fire!!

It certainly was entertaining. The most exciting and funny AMA from Charles, I’ve seen.

Terrific to hear about the hookup with Wim Hof! My two favourite things right now are coming together!

There’s currently free preview access to a Wim Hof Method intro course on Commune. The free access ends very soon, tomorrow in fact I think, but then it’s only $49 to join. Highly recommended by your’s truly. Join Charles and me and become a Wim fan!

Edit: I just noticed, the $49 price is discounted from $199. I don’t know when the discount will end, possibly when the free access ends, which is less than 48 hours from now.

The WHM course discount ($199->$49) lasts until Oct 31.