Charles Hoskinson and Ron Paul's Liberty Report

This was brought up months ago on Reddit but wouldn’t it be good to see Charles talk about Cardano and crypto on Ron Paul’s Liberty Report? Charles did work on Ron Pauls’ campaign years ago. Maybe Ron could become a huge Cardano ambassador :grin:

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C.H. commented this when asked about the Joe Rogen show, I think the same applies to Ron Paul’s Liberty Report.

…but for you guys we need to get our biggest bang for the buck
so let’s get Shelley out, let’s get Goguen out
then I go and talk about how we’re doing amazing things in Africa
I can talk about all the things the platform can do
so instead of saying aspirational things or coming soon
I can say it is shipped, it is there
and I can give them cool demos and show them cool things…


I do remember now Charles saying this. Makes sense!