Charles Hoskinson - On Scams and Illegal Activity

Charles Hoskinson - On Scams and Illegal Activity


Just wondering about this segment: 3:15

“We don’t have a wallet on Android”
But? but? Hmmm, What about Yoroi on android? Is that not supported by the community and made by Emurgo that is a “part of Cardano”? Do i need to be worried? :thinking:

Hey @CreekWalker, Charles was talking about Daedalus wallet, it’s only available on Desktop.


@CreekWalker for added security you can always go to the official site and click on there link to there app on any of the stores on offer in regards to apps, they do this for this main purpose as an effort to protect people.

The stores seemingly have a lackadaisical approach to verification and security, people tend to feel protected as android and apple on there stores say, and I paraphrase, play protect scanned or equivalent and more needs to be done.

It would seem on this view point that apple and android have more focus on the fiscal balance than anything else.

Yes we do have an obligation to check it out our selves however when android an apple put across the message we have your back when in reality it’s definitely the opposite.

In essence more needs to be done.

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