Charles Hoskinson Surprise AMA - 05/06/2020

Charles Hoskinson Surprise AMA - 05/06/2020

(Written by @Eric_Czuleger)
On June 5th Charles Hoskinson sat down for a surprise AMA in which he discussed the run up to the launch of Shelley.

Moving forward

2020 is the year that Cardano has really found itself. This is largely due to the incredible community that has sprung up around the project. We have recently announced the virtual summit. It will be July 2nd to 3rd. Our virtual guests will be Vint Cerf and Stephen Wolfram. We are also bringing the Haskell committee back together. This includes both Michael Peyton Jones and Phil Wadler alongside Kevin Hammond and others.

Caitlin Long will also be coming to the summit and we look at this as a celebration. It will include many announcements and surprises. Essentially we are there to put a flag in the ground and make people understand that we have built the most advanced technology in the crypto space.

Better news

At the same time, there is a critical deficiency in the market for crypto journalism. While interviews are given to reputed outlets, the output of these talks usually boil down to if the price of an asset is moving up or down. IOHK has stated many times that the price of ada is secondary to the problems which ada solves. We are in the business of solving problems and this will become apparent as Shelley launches. We hope that this will become the focus of crypto journalists in the future.

We remind everyone that we assembled an incredible team in 2015. We set out to build using an incredibly difficult programming language alongside peer review. Soon we look forward to anyone who saw our work as just a wallet or just a white paper adjusting their opinions. We are now in a position where we can solve identity problems, and supply chain problems. This is just the beginning. This summit is just the Shelley edition. This implies that there may be a Goguen edition and a Voltaire edition.

Furthermore we have gained some incredible talent along this journey. While others might not agree with us, they have taken notice. We look forward to turning on Voltaire and allowing users to build things in order to reach their dreams. We want more projects, more people, and more diversity. All of this is focused around making the world a better place. We are tired of the constant negativity and toxicity in the news. Now is the time to advance. Not everything is perfect, but not everything is bad.

Looking for growth

There are a lot of amazing things happening every single day. Why is it, for once, we cannot just focus on the stories that are lifting us up. While things in the United States are fraught right now, the story has inspiration built into it. The SpaceX launch is proof that this is the case. No matter how bad our problems get, we can fix them with the right solutions.

The tech we build only works if people are fundamentally good. It works when they realize that they should be in control of their identity, their money and their property. Our technology works when people take it into their own hands.


8:47 How do you strike a balance between IOHK leadership and turning Cardano over to the community?

13:00 I’m shorting Cardano because Charles looks unhealthy.

13:25 How close are you and Wolfram?

13:47 Will you do something for the Japanese community after the virtual summit?

15:20 It is easy to focus on the positive when you’re rich.

18:01 Can crypto scale globally and be quantum proof?

19:40 Looters love you Charles.

34:02 Cardano is now a political movement.

36:40 Charles is all talk\you’re a scammer.

37:18 You promised Shelley in 2017.

39:25 When will we hear about the secret project and marketing?

40:24 Venezuela loves you.

41:00 How epic is the hard fork combinator code?

41:35 Favorite philosopher?

41:55 When will Goguen ship?

43:40 How big are the teams?

44:20 Akon is working in Senegal on Akoin.

45:33 What was your happiest moment for Cardano?

46:44 What do you think about cannabis?

47:10 What is the best thing your parents taught you?

49:20 Questions about price…

51:20 Did Ethereum do their homework?

53:02 Tell Tamara we love her.

54:01 Can you talk about stablecoins?

55:16 Will the Daedalus mainnet wallet include the fiat price?

56:57 Plans for the ITN?

57:40 Can Ethereum use Ouroboros to save time?

58:35 Will we see human readable addresses with Shelley?

1:01:24 Progress on Atala?

1:01:30 Have you implemented Sonics?

1:02:44 What if the US government makes crypto illegal?

1:05:08 When cold staking?

1:05:45 How much money will you make off of Legends of Valour?

1:07:01 What kind of logic do you use?

1:08:22 Are lambos worth the money?

1:11:00 Have you heard of the Elm language?

1:11:23 Can you talk about wealth?

1:16:50 Ada release milestone?

1:16:51 Fasting again?

1:17:01 Can I just be an observer at the summit?

1:18:25 Who were you inspired by as a kid?

1:19:55 Why choose mathematics?

1:21:00 Have you ever been discriminated against?

1:24:00 What do you think about the work of Ramanujan?

1:26:45 Have you ever met a Field’s Medalist?

1:28:20 Would you run for President of the USA?


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