Chrony, time sync, and firewall

I recently enabled Chrony on all my nodes. I noticed a reduced time sync error on my relays by a factor of about 60, which is great. It didn’t seem to have helped my core node much, which I consider more important.

I think the culprit here is my firewall, since it’s closed off to everything except my maintenance computer and relay nodes.

Any advice on how to get the core node better in sync without degrading security.

Hello @needshelps, it is unfortunate that you withdrew the post, it looked very interesting. I suppose you solved the problem yourself. But of course for the value of the forum it would be nice if you wrote the answer here instead deleting the thread to help others with the same problem. Thanks!

Problem corrected after server reboot

I am not familiar with what “time sync errors” exactly means could you please elaborate? how do you check for those specific errors?

IMO it’s reasonable to open ntp port (output) for bp node, so that chronyd can work properly. Otherwise you would have to install a chrony server on your maintenance computer.