CIP: Extendable dApp Connector


Just wanted to open a forum thread to accompany: CIP-??? | Extendable dApp Connector.

This document describes a base dApp-Wallet communication bridge accompanied by an extension scheme from which functionality can be added through extensions.

This aims to allow the creation of dApp connectors without the need to include the CIP-30 API as proposed in #446. Instead the CIP-30 API can act as an optional extension to this specification.

This draws direct inspiration from @mkazlauskascomment, utilizing @KtorZ’s design from #446. Thus the author accreditations.


my impression (in response to the inspirational comment):

I think [this effort] will save much grief in the long run… imagine if, in the Internet’s own early days, developers had made an inventory of the few protocols which would “always” be there: and how unworkable that would seem as a baseline today :face_with_monocle:

p.s. would be good to include this request for developer comment in the IOG Dev Digest, if not already planned.