Introducing the ENVLP wallet for our integration with Shopify (update after 5 weeks of development)

This is a 5 week development update on the integration work I’m doing to enable cardano to be used as a means to payment for online commerce.


Nice work germanobax

Appreciate you doing what your doing, amazing how anyone can just start working on an idea and over time create real value for all of us :+1:

I’m sure your pool will be fine, it looks like some of the proposed changes with the protocol over time will start to have a positive impact to share the delegation around a bit more, also as the mainnet moves forward more blocks will be produced by community as we become more and more de-centralised.

Best wishes keep up the good work

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Great progress @germanobax, technically this is not a CIP, so I moved it to the developer forum.

I didn’t watch the whole video, but I’m asking if it wouldn’t be sufficient for the owner to provide the master public key of a wallet instead of creating a wallet for the software. That way the shop software can still create payment addresses and you can watch these addresses for the payment amount (simply by using a block explorer) without having any security risk if the server gets hacked.

(I remember suggestion something similar in your GitHub repo)

The e-commerce integration does NOT hold any private key. Even the wallet I created does not keep it anywhere. You can run it from an air-gapped computer to create a wallet for you even. Everything relies solely on public root keys (again, not private key).

Daedalus for example doesn’t have an option to provide the public root key. So the user must at least open the software, input their seed phrase there, and get the root keys from it.

The issue again, is that Daedalus is unusable for e-commerce if the store is semi-sucessful and processes multiple transactions. I explained that in the video - essentially it won’t display the payments for your sales after the case of 20 payment addresses without any transaction in them occurs.

It also won’t show up on the block explorer when this happens. That prompted me to create my own wallet.

Also by the end of the video you’ll see the wallet will come with support for plug-ins so people can add functions to it for their needs without relying on IOG to release new versions of daedalus, nor on me to release a new version of the wallet. The community can make it grow and include the features they need when they need them. I find this much better and sustainable.

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Thank you for clarification. I knew I missed something.

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