Classic Documentary the Community should Watch

I have seen this multiple times, but you can’t watch it enough.

It helps you understand the flaws of the current financial & political system (it’s the same) and also gives you an idea how a decentralized crypto like Cardano will give the finance (power) & control back to the People.


Just watched it. It tries to be kept objective, not blaming banks, politicians and even no any conspiracy in it. Kudos to them. Anyway, these are all well known problems/issues, but was good to hear from some of top level economists, academics and scientists’ mouth.


Indeed … interesting documentary

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Why did you post this? What merits do you feel the documentary has?

Did you watch the documentary?

It has educational value for the Community.

You didn’t answer my question(s).

If you don’t understand what this documentary has to do with Cardano then I believe you don’t understand Cardano well enough.

This is my answer.

You may be entirely right. So why did you post this? What merits did you feel the documentary has?

I don’t have the patience for you, sorry.

Watch the documentary and if you understand it’s good, if not too bad.

You misunderstood me. I wasn’t asking for your patience, only for an answer to my question.

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Here it is again, in case you missed it the first two times:
Why did you post the documentary here, what merits did you feel it has?

It helps to understand that Cardano is the revolution to give finance & control back to The People.

Are you happy? Now go and watch it! :slight_smile:


I had watched it. I was simply interested in your opinion of it, seeing how you had recommended the community watch it. Insights into your mindset.


Awesome m8, I am happy you watched it and hope you liked it.

Yes I did misunderstand you, sorry for that.


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very good documentary, it is always good to share information, share more documentaries that seem to improve the level of knowledge of the community, thank you.

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Thanks for sharing.
More education, knowledge and love for everyone.

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This one is also good.


Great film! Thx for the share


Despite, everything is true in the movie, It tries to be attractive with some pretentious effect. I can understant him, he Is just trying to wake up the plebs, but IMO, it wont work. That’s why I love bitcoin, it is resistant to the power which want it to shut down… I think the only solution is to win the war is the Bitcoin way. Plant a core of solution for problems locally everywhere it could, and wait to grow and spread unstoppably, like viruses. Problems which caused to rise temporary solutions like Chama or mPesa as two examples, micro loans/saving and banking/payments respectively.

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