There should be a documentary

Disclaimer: This idea is not about ‘marketing’ to the moon - so let’s not let it go there please.

I just watched Charles’ speech - and I was intrigued in particular about what is happening with Ethiopia and also by what he said about teaching the world about crypto.

Right now there is an amazing opportunity to document a potential, radical change in the world’s power dynamic. Bringing in the unbanked world into the global economy is huge in historical terms and I don’t think that we should wait twenty years for someone to do a brief history of how crypto changed the world using archive footage of conferences - I think there should be a team on the ground in Ethiopia documenting the story as it unfolds. I’m not talking about a ten minute YouTube vlog by someone chanting market cap and moon lambo, I mean a long term studied series (making a murderer for example, took years and years to film).

I like to think I can spot a good story. The art of good storytelling is giving us people to root for, watch them face challenges and upheavals that question everything they thought they knew about themselves and they’re world. That’s what Cardano is trying to do, and I think it would beneficial to everyone to spread the word via a proper documentary that there are lives and people at the core of the Cardano project.

The other thing, which I think is useful in terms of this discussion - is that the entertainment industry and the people who work in it are excited by cryptocurrency.

I’m not just talking about actors/musicians pushing ripple, I’m talking about thousands of highly skilled individuals who make the content we consume - and a lot of them are invested in crypto in some way or another.

I think it’s entirely possible that if there was a will to have a team in Ethiopia creating a proper documentary about the project from all the key stakeholders (i.e. IOHK, Ethiopian Government, Cardano Foundation) - then there would be a way to find third party investment to do so, and there’d be a lot of highly skilled, documentary makers who would be up for taking it on.

And with the right approach, the right team - in two/three/five years there could be an amazing series on Netflix or Amazon or whatever, which documented one of the first steps in a massive global change. It would also help to dispel the myth that crypto is all about suits and speculating, showing how it impacts real people in the real world.


Good observations I believe they are valid. IOHK has previously been looking for a media director.

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Fantastic idea and a very good description/outline expanding on it, you should get in touch with the new CMO or otherwise hopefully an IOHK employee who reads this will pass it on to him.