Watch the pilot episode of the documentary series about Project Catalyst

Dear community,
I’m currently working on a documentary series about people from Project Catalyst.
This pilot episode is about Boone Bergsma (AdaMakerSpace) and Ayax Labombarda (Innovatio).

What are your thoughts? Would you like to see more stories about Project Catalyst?
How this format looks like to you?
Please comment, your feedback is crucial here. :earth_americas::earth_africa::earth_asia::pray:

Thank you
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Hello Petr!

Amazing 3 projects (I’m including yours ofc)!

For sure I want to know more about the projects that are being funded.

The format is great; altough, personally I would adopt a personalized voice-off, my own for instance; to give proximity to the community I want to reach. ATM thats the only thing I would change in this episode.

Along with that, would be great if you introduced Catalyst as a DAO, along with a brief explanation of what it is.

Do you already have the number of episodes? Launch dates and so on? The more info you could provide the better! :smile:


EDIT: The editing is perfect BTW, so as the projects exposé.


The point of this pilot is to find out whether there is a wider interest and the need for this. If people love it we can keep doing more. If people hate it, I’d like to learn why and figure out what’s wrong and how to make it better, more useful for the community.

Thank you for the feedback, I appreciate it.
Do you have a scholared voice? If so, feel free to send me a sample of your recording, I’m open to new ideas. But I really love the work of our actor here. :slight_smile:

I take your note about Catalyst introduction into consideration.


Me likes it…


It may be considered that it isn’t for now, just wait for it to reach the masses. It is indeed needed, IMHO.

My sincere opinion: guide yourself and forget the rest. you can still ask some opinions ofc. you get what I mean; keep it comming! =)

The only scholared voice that I know, and it’s perfect, for me, is of Allan Watts. I’m not capable of such astronomical undertaking. I meant yours btw. :wink:

I’m not spurning him; it just sounds too much synthetic, that’s all.


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Wow, that’s great!
I was looking for some information about Catalyst and this video is really cool.
For me it looks totally professional with all the things included.

Please, keep it up, people need to know what is Cardano really about and what can it offer to the world!


Edit: Btw, I would put it on youtube as well

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Yeah. I’m no AV pro, but the editing was TopNotch. Also, that “Queen’s English” accent can’t hurt! :joy::+1:

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Thank you for your support Jakub,

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Thank you for your support Jakub, YT is another option yes, but I’m not sure I’m capable of creating a YT channel from scratch.

I’d rather deliver this content to already existing channel. Just thinking out loud.

Thanks for the energy.



Thank you. You guys really enjoy your English :slight_smile:

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Yes, I was thinking the same, maybe it would be good idea to address some official Cardano channels or ask @Cardano-Foundation to help you reach that channels.

I think educational videos like this are needed, because there is lot of going on in the community, but little is talked to people outside the community.

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YouTube 100X more exposure than Vimeo. Your call tho, Boss…

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It should reach YT for sure. No disagree there. The only question is how. This one is still a pilot, trying to figure out where we stand.

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I like your thinking. The core idea for this documentary series is to create sort of a bridge between Cardano insiders, developers etc and the wider non-technical community.

To educate and inspire people.
That’s the vision.

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I think the documentary is needed and will be well received. Citing specific stories is a great approach. Cardano supporters and future Catalyst developers will all benefit from seeing these real world case studies.

An idea would be to document the journey of a Project Catalyst participant from Ideascale all the way through to final product delivery. Make a multi-part series out of it.


Thank you, Rudy. That’s exactly the plan. We should follow the proposers in the different phases of their journey. Therefore showing the big picture of the Project Catalyst.

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Dear community, I proposed this project for Fund 6. Do you like the video? Would you like to watch more? Vote YES :white_check_mark: for The Catalyst Story by Adatruth in Improve and Grow Auditability category. Thank you for your support. :pray::movie_camera::clapper: