Cntools don't recognize pool keys


Trying to modify my pool using cntools but it doesn’t recognize keys. Getting errors below

Select pool │

WARN: No pools available that can be selected! Required files: │
cold.vkey │
cold.skey │
vrf.vkey │

press any key to proceed …

However these keys are in the priv/pool/ folder. One thing to note is that I have recently rotated KES keys. After rotating key I have deleted not needed keys from the online node. To modify pool now I copied keys from my original backup (before key rotation) to the priv folder and it seems they are not recognized. Any idea how to fix this?

Go to priv/pool… and type ls -l

show me the output

Here’s the output

you don’t have the pool.cert file

there’s op.cert

pool.cert is different than op.cert

Thanks Alex

Cntools error message is bit misleading as it complains about keys:)

Anyways, I copied pool.cert to the node and trying again to modify pool parameters in hybrid mode (trying to include extended metadata). Now getting this error

Previous Owner(s)/Reward wallets
Owner wallet #1 : owner
Owner wallet #2 : pledge
Reward wallet : pledge

Reuse previous Owner(s)/Reward wallets?
Selected value: [y] Yes

ERROR: no funds available in owner wallet owner

press any key to proceed …

That ‘owner’ wallet is the original wallet I have created when registering pool for the first time. There’s base.addr and payment.add and BOTH have funds available (base.addr just little above 2ADA and payment.addr little more than 1ADA. I used it only once to register pool (500 ADA)

The ‘pledge’ wallet is hardware wallet storing pledge but my understanding it’s the owner wallet paying transaction fee for pool modification?

If I try to run in online mode I get this error (presumably because ‘pledge’ is hardware wallet and there’s no signing keys)

Reuse previous Owner(s)/Reward wallets?
Selected value: [y] Yes
ERROR: payment and/or stake signing keys missing from wallet pledge!

Did you mean to run in Hybrid mode? press any key to return home!

what is the ticker?

So Alex helped to troubleshoot this and it turned out cntools was complaining about secondary owner wallet (hw wallet to be exact with pledge) I used Yoroi to send funds to another address within that wallet and cntools couldn’t see balance correctly. Now I transferred funds back to the base address and all is good.

[Edit] There was also another bug with singing transaction offline with Ledger due to this bug PoolRegistration is broken with hw-cli 1.6.0 - githubmemory
Updating Ledger firmware/cardano app solved the issue

Massive thanks to Alex. Seriously don’t know how he finds time to help all these pool operators

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You are welcome… also please mention the firmware bug (ledger)… if the upgrade solved the 2nd issue :slight_smile: