Modifying Pool Data Requires Other Owners Payment Keys When Using Cntools

When I modify the pool data using cntools in hybrid mode, I get an error stating I do not have all owners payment keys under their priv wallet and that the rewards wallet is not registered on the chain. In this situation, the pool has 2 owners. In cntools priv/wallets I have 2 wallets, one with all wallet keys of one owner (myself) and one with only the stake keys of the other owner (I know this is not best practice sorry but we are close friends), as that is what is required to originally create the pool. I’m confused on how I was able to create the pool and register the rewards address fine, but when I try to modify it with the same key/wallet set up, I am getting very strange errors.

Thank you all for your time, I really appreciate it!

Edit: This is an issue when I modify the pool and do not create us (the 2 current owners) as new owners. If I select new owners, and select us, it works fine.