Problem in adding HW wallet as #2 owner

Hi guys,
Using cntools and trying to add my HW wallet as #2 owner I always encounter a problem when trying to sign with HW Stake .
Error: Failed to parse stakepool registration certificate
My pool was created and registered using a cli wallet.
I’ve created and delegated my HW wallet to my pool, but adding it as owner doesn’t work.
What could be the problem?

Did you create a new registration certificate adding the HW wallet as an owner?

I have not used CNTools (did coincashews method) so there might be a different way of executing this:

  1. Change registration certificate (adding HW wallet as owner)
  2. Build transaction and sign off using owner(s), pool operator, and pool keys
  3. Send witnessed transaction

Hope this points you in the right direction, maybe someone with more CNTools experience can help guide you with more precise steps.

CNTools has the hybrid mode - a JSON file is generated which afterwards is signed in the air-gapped-pc.
Besides the JSON file should I transfer any other file to the air-gapped-pc?
I’m not allowed to set the HW wallet as owner until 2 epoch have passed?

U will need to create the certificate on live node, sign in on airgap machine and then submit on ur live node