Cant sign a pool reg tx with hw wallet

Hi guys,

we finally want to host our first mainnet pool and we have one last struggle going on: Instead of coincashews usual methods to generate keys we did use a ledger this time. now for pool registration we followed this guide, everything else is coincashew:

Unfortunately, when we want to sign/witness the payment skey we get the following error:

‘Unexpected payment hardware signing file with pool registration certificate found’

The other keys can be used to witness. Unsure wether this is even possible (anymore)

Best regards

Hi, its not possible to pay for a PoolRegistration with a HW Wallet due to security restrictions. You can add witnesses for a HW PoolOwner and/or a witness for HW based pool cold keys. But the payment must be done via a normal cli based payment skey.

If you about to create a new pool, please use the HW based pool cold keys via a Ledger Nano device. So your cold keys are also safe with the HW protection.

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