Pool modification unsuccessful - "Missing: (--tx-in TX-IN)"

Hello all,

I just wanted to adjust the pool margin of the pool I am working on via cntools. All existing settings were kept with the exception of the changed pool margin value. A problem arises when I am asked if I want to reuse the previous owners/ rewards wallets and choose Yes. This selection returns me with the following message:

Missing: (--tx-in TX-IN)

What could be the reason for this error? I have not changed the wallet since I made the pool. Also, what would a good solution be for this error?

I looked up similar issues, but they all seem directed at stake pool creation instead of modifications.

Help is much appreciated!

Do u have the keys for the 2nd wallet in priv/wallet folder?


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Yes, I have all the keys/ passwords for the 2nd wallet.

Can u try to interogage the wallet?

Wallet - show… do u have funds? It shows u that u have funds?

Both wallets (pledge wallet and other wallet registered but not linked to pool) are both showing 0 funds. Both wallets state being delegated to a pool (the pool I made).

Did u imported in cntools?

Correct. When I made the pool I imported both wallets from Daedalus.

Ok, and meantime u changed the balance in daedalus?

I did made some transactions to the same wallet (was a possible solution to a past issue). Should I have made them with cntools too?

Yes, now u should send again ada from daedalus to cntools address
Transactions should be made from cntools; otherwise the balance will not match and it will shows u 0 ADA

Read this

I just send all ADA to the wallet address using Daedalus. I was now able to modify the node. Thanks!

Weird that pooltool.io now no longer shows me as a delegator (owner), but also didn’t update the metrics (pledge). Guess I’ll give it some time to update. Hopefully everything works.

Yes, that’s why I think is better to have for pledge a separate wallet in daedalus,

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cntools now tells me that I do have funds in the wallet and am delegated to the pool. However, adapools and pooltool don’t show me as a delegator now but do show that the pledge if being fulfilled right as we speak. I guess that’s ok? Just double checking.

What is the ticker?

The ticker is IDEAL

Hello Again: I was able to add the second Hardware wallet it took if fine, I see the balance of the HWW on the online BP but when I try to modify de pool say to increase pledge I get this error:

Reuse previous Owner(s)/Reward wallets?
Selected value: [y] Yes
Missing: (–tx-in TX-IN)

Usage: cardano-cli transaction build-raw [–byron-era | --shelley-era |
–allegra-era | --mary-era]
(–tx-in TX-IN) [–tx-out TX-OUT]
[–mint VALUE] [–invalid-before SLOT]
[–invalid-hereafter SLOT]
[–certificate-file FILE]
[–withdrawal WITHDRAWAL]
[–json-metadata-no-schema |
[–script-file FILE]
[–metadata-json-file FILE |
–metadata-cbor-file FILE]
[–update-proposal-file FILE]
–out-file FILE
Build a transaction (low-level, inconvenient)

ERROR: failure during pool modify!

I am using CNTOOLS, pls help