Coin base has much higher price for Cardano

Do you know why the price on Coinbase is much higher? I checked in Binance and Yahoo finance and it’s 10-15% less since yesterday.

Hello, I cannot say for sure why it is much higher on some exchange than some other but I can at least say why the price is different. There is not one universal exchange rate for Ada, as for other cryptocurrencies, but one by exchange so it all depends essentially on how many people want to buy or to sell on said exchange and at which price.

Thank you.

I can’t decide the price though like in stocks, I have to take it for good in that moment. So this relays on the trading activity of the exchanger.

Exactly, if you want an overview of market prices for each pair, then you can use a website like

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Another one is Coingecko, it’s a matter of personal preference

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