CoinCashew Guide: Step 8 issue. Cannot get Block Producing Node to Communicate

I am following the CoinCashew guide and I am stuck at step 8. I am unable to get my block producing node to communicate.

I am attempting to create a block producing node and one relay node. Both are AWS Ubuntu Server 20.4 LTS, t3.large, 2 cores, 8Gb RAM and 20GB of storage. My block producing node has been assigned a static IP address (, and the relay node also has a static IP address (

My Relay node appears to be up and running but my block producing node not so.

Block producing node (gLiveView)

The block producing node, journalctl --unit=cardano-node --follow readout:

Relay node (gLiveView):

Block producing Node (mainnet-topology.json):
bp topology

Relay Node (mainnet-topology.json):
relay topology

Please can someone advise?


Check the port connectivity between the two nodes…
so now both nodes listening on port 6000.
but the question is that whether the ports can be reached from the other node.
So to check the connection, use command netcat -vnz 6000 from BP node; and netcat -vnz 6000

@laplasz , so i tried:
netcat -vnz 6000 from BP node &
netcat -vnz 6000 from the relay node.

Both came back with the following:
netcat: connect to port 6000 (tcp) failed: Connection timed out

Please can you advise me?

have you opened the ports on the firewall/cloud settings?

@laplasz I’m not sure how to so that at this stage. I am using AWS. I don’t suppose you might be able guide me? I was thinking at this stage looking into the security groups of each Ubuntu instance?

inbound rules! I am not using AWS but here is a topic where they have issues with connectivity:

user guide to setup inbound rules:

if you have questions may someone else will guide you here, or just open a new topic with a specific question regarding to how to open port in AWS

@laplasz thank you so much. both nodes are now communicating after setting the inbound and outbound rules for the security groups of both nodes. BP node can only communicate to with the relay node, and the relay node should be allowed to communicate with the BP node and everyone else.

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good - also check if you registered your pool.

i aint got that far yet:) But I hope to get there!

Hey there i just saw this, i posted a post this morning about me using coincashew to setup a cardano node, on your block producer node it should say core -mainnet and not relay, so i believe there is an issue there. I just noticed the pictures. and thought i’d let you know as well

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@Denereum Thanks for that. I did notice that. was wondering why it was saying “relay - Mainnet”…

Hey there i found a better link for an install tutorial: Installing the node from source