Coincashew users - KES rotation

For those that have been using the coincashew guide, have you used their instructions for KES rotation? If so, did it go smoothly? Or any hiccups?

The guide seems simple and straight forward, but when I read some other posts (which I assume are using other documentation) they have run into trouble.

Try to rotate with 1-2 days before to expire… this way u will have time in case u will have troubles… anyway it should go smoothly (u will need the cold keys)

Yeah, I’m gonna try it soon. But from some people’s experiences they talk about a number of files changing when they do the KES rotation, but from the coincashew guide I only see a new kes.skey and kes.vkey generated, and then a new node.cert

No other files need updating?

Exactly, no other files need to be updated

can I do it 5 days in advance?

while calculating the startKesPeriod I get 257. Does that indicate I am doing the rotation too soon?

Yes u can do it with 5 days before

There is no to soon, just follow the steps

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Thanks Alex. It worked just fine.

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