Hello Guys i need some clarifications !

That’s my first time rotating my KES Keys but i’ve notice that my
./ is no more displaying the KES expiration date. Is that normal ? If not can someone help me to fix that please. i’ve been searching answers all day !


Share the glive output

You are using cntools or coincashew guide?

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I have a question about kes key rotation, do we have to do it on the day it expires or can I do it like a few days or a week before?

You can do it anytime but don’t wait to expire

Yep, do it 5 or 10 days before, no point leaving it to the last minute.

Thank you Alex for the reply ! i found the solution. I didn’t updated the topology file that’s why. I was using coincashew guide. Btw is there any simple way or a tool to get that done more easily ?

CNTOOLS :slight_smile: