Come meet Charles Hoskinson, CEO of Input Output

We are delighted and honored to have Charles Hoskinson, CEO of Input Output, join us for this very special Cardano meetup event. Our meetup in South Florida will give the attendees the opportunity to meet and interact with Charles and other members of the IO Global team. Also attending will be high-profile blockchain evangelists and community members traveling to South Florida during the Bitcoin Miami Conference. This is a free event, but seating capacity is limited. Please RSVP today to have your name added to the list of attendees. Join us at the Wharf for an evening of conversation, insights and fun!


Hi cardano family. From NYC anyone going out to miami.

I live in the Miami area, and I’ll be at Bitcoin 2021. I would love to meet you if you’re coming to Miami. Keep me posted.

Thanks for the welcome. I will be there the 2. Flying out from NYC for the day. Is there like a dress code for the place where will be is it indoors or outside thanks if.

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No dress code. South Florida evenings are usually warm and breezy. Looking forward to seeing you Jori and thanks for attending the event.

Ok and thanks for having me not a dev,tech, or SPO just a regular person and happy for the chance to engage with this community and be apart of.

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Just wanted to thank you again brother. Thats was an amazing event and job toy did. Hope toy dont mind if i reach out here and there. Food use some goos mentorship with cardano. Thanks again

Thanks to everyone who attended the event. It was an awesome experience, To view photos from this event, please visit the Cardano South Florida Meetup “Photo” page please follow the link below: