Come meet Charles Hoskinson, The CEO of Input Output

Bitcoin 2021 conference occurs next month in Miami between June 3rd - 5th. Using Bitcoin 2021 conference as the rallying cry, Cardano South Florida is planning a local in-person meetup event for June 4. We will announce the precise time and place later as we are still planning it. This Cardano meet-and-greet event will focus on the Cardano ecosystem while allowing attendees to network with one another. If you are attending the Bitcoin 2021 conference, RSVP for Cardano South Florida event now. The meetup venue capacity is limited. Join us, have a few refreshments and let’s talk all things Cardano. If you are anywhere in South Florida, join us as well. Please stay tuned as we plan this event. Please find event detail using the below link.

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I wish I was going! There is a possibility I will be a Florida resident in the next 6 months though…

South Florida is slowly becoming the new tech hub and financial center of the future. We love to have you as a resident. The only problem is that such growth is already making hosing affordability a much bigger problem.

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I’d probably be looking around Orlando or Tampa St Pete (which is still not cheap I’m sure). I have plenty of Friends in South Florida to stay with though. I have a good friend with a place on Big Pine Key as well. We could do a crypto weekend there!