Community Calling… 🤙

the focus of this (Sunday 10th Feb, 1200 GMT) call will be raising and discussing “community concerns”. call: click here to call in

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loading… loading… loading…

Is there a different Google Hangouts link? There isn’t anyone in the link above.

interesting, i think it’s time sensitive as it worked before the call but afterwards now it’s not. it’s saying “No-one is here at the moment.” is that the error you’re presented with / talking about?

or is there actually no link in the original top post on the topic for you?

Sorry, what I meant was that I joined the call using the link above and nobody was on the call (you nor anyone else).

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ah, i see, well the call did take a few minutes to start, ~ 5-10 mins. not sure whether you’re referring to that period. still figuring out what the best way to make these calls are, hence some of the tech hiccups.

the first call was via OBS, which highly taxed CPU as well as network.

the second call was direct via youtube/hangout. whilst it was less taxing to the system, had some issues permitting/connecting the camera.

both had issues with not having a clear indication if the feed was actually live.

these aren’t insurmountable issues, just little hiccups and shall be improved upon quite quickly via continuous iteration.

I think I had the same issue last time.

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hmmm, interesting… perhaps, if you don’t mind, @phil.lewis @Piotr we can via DM arrange for a time you can be available to help me tease out these issue by test calls?

Sure, we can contact through skype or something. Perhaps next weekend if our schedules match

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