Community Voting on Legitimate News

Newb here, first post!

My apologies for not doing an entire search on this topic, but if I don’t type this out, I know i’ll lose it forever! It’s likely not in the right place either.

A large part of our online browsing is sifting through misinformation. It’s to the point where an American comedian now has more trustworthiness with a podcast than any American mainstream news network. I actually don’t watch any of it, but mostly notice what social media “allows” me to view. Absurd.

What if instead of attacking one another in a comments section, we take it to a vote above the article? We have a piece of news, and the community votes on the legitimacy of it. Biased? Unbiased? Vote on it, and the user can see at the top of the article how the community is responding to it. Show how many have reacted to it, and have a history of voting data for all articles each journalist has wrote. Even a generic “biased/unbiased” rating on each journalist/organization. Could also be applied to the users posting them.

Maybe it could turn into someday incentivizing the journalists to do better, unbiased reports. It could sway them from writing the report they want to write, instead of the one their organization makes them print. This could potentially eliminate the need for clearly biased fact checkers, and bring some legitimizing to the world of news, which it most desperately needs.

Wouldn’t it be great to go to a decentralized platform for this kind of info?