Compiling and Upgrading to 1.35.0 for CNTOOLS users

Hello! As many may have noticed, Cardano Node version 1.35.0 has been released today! This upgrade contains some breaking changes. Instead of rushing to write an upgrade guide, I am going to wait a few more days for testing. Hopefully this will allow a smooth upgrade experience for users of this guide. I expect this guide to be complete sometime next week.

If you run a pool on the test-net, now is the time to upgrade!

Feel free to reply with any commits or input!!

Update: Due to bugs found in 1.35.0, the recommendation has been made to wait for node 1.35.1 to release before upgrading mainnet nodes. Currently, there is not a hard timeline for the release of 1.35.1, but it should be soon. I will update as soon as I see the new release drop.


Very much looking forward to it. Please don’t make it a script, SPOs like to know what lines they put in for security reasons.


Just to mention, do not upgrade mainnet nodes yet until the version is completely approved.


Upgraded to 1.35.0. Looks like a dependency is needed when building from source though
I described how to upgrade in the linked thread. I use cncli but should be the same for any other node setup.

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I will write it line by line, as this is the best way I understand and learn! Thanks for your input!

Indeed! Best to wait a little to upgrade mainnet nodes. This is partly why I have chosen to wait on posting the guide. I am also giving some time for Guild Operators to test and update their tools. Hopefully, this wait will provide a smooth upgrade experience!

Testnet nodes should be upgraded as soon as possible!

Awesome! Thanks!!

I started upgrading the Cardano Node to 1.35.0 on testnet.
Trying to get the latest tags for Cardano-Node.


Checkout to tag 1.35.0.
After successfully completing the build process I am getting the cardano-node and cardano-cli version as 1.34.1.


Please suggest.

The binary that is being run is the one picked from the $PATH. You need to override the current binaries with the newly created ones by copying the new ones to the folder where you keep the cardano-node and cardano-cli.

Run which cardano-cli to figure out what that path is.

The newly compiled binaries are probably in the dist-newstyle/build subfolder.

p.s. from the screenshot i don’t see the cabal configure and other commands being run. Verify the compiled binary is indeed 1.35.0.

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What @mcrio said.

After checking out the tag, you need to run the following:

  • cabal configure (optionally, I didn’t need to)
  • cabal update
  • cabal build all (this will take a long time)

Once finished, the new binaries will be on the dist-newstyle/build folder and you will need to add them to your $PATH

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In case anyone missed it, this is from the telegram announcement channel.


Anyone downgraded from 1.35.x to 1.34.x without database resync? I’ve tried to downgrade my relay from 1.35.0 to 1.34.1 and it stuck at “starting” stage. Delete the old db folder will solve the problem. But I don’t want my BP shutdown more than 2 days for syncing, how to keep databases synchronized?

If you delete the old DB folder, downloading the DB snapshot from will save you some time! I’ve used the snapshots a few times with great success.


You just save me :smile:
Thanks a lot.

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Well, I used an old copy of the database - saved it just before the upgrade. That’s anyway a good practice before node upgrades. Btw. one can also VPS snapshots - if available.