Connect light wallet to local node

Hi there,

I wish it would be possible to connect ccvault to my own db-sync instance. Has anyone tried this?

Don’t see any setting for it.

I think I’ve read somewhere that they use Blockfrost as backend. That would make it even harder, because then the protocol spoken to nodes is not even in the code up to now, but rather the API of Blockfrost.

I know that they use their own instances of dB-sync, see their Twitter post on the down time they had yesterday.

I hate the downtime and would like to be able to send the transactions myself. Currently daedalus does not offer a way to construct these complex smart contract transactions yet. And so the only way to construct and sign them is via Nami, ccvault etc. But they only send it via their node…

Perhaps there is a way to extract that signed transaction and send is via my own full node (cardano-cli preferably).

Any ideas? Maybe extract it at the browser level? I’ll check the Chrome console in a moment.

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Try to reach out to the ccvault guy directly? He is not active on the forums, as far as I know.

What I would do (hopelessly procrastinating), would probably trying to find out, how these transactions have to look like and trying to build them with cardano-cli directly. …

An update, Nami wallet has just integrated the feature of connecting the wallet to a local node :slight_smile: