Core Node with blocks adopted but not updated in cexplorer

Hello there, I have setup the Centuo Pool (ticker CENTU) and I can see in gLiveView that the core node has Leader 2 and Adopted 2 blocks, however, I do not see the block number updated in cexplorer. Is this a normal behaviour? Should we wait till the next epoch to see this updated in cexplorer?


They should show up fairly quickly. How long ago were they produced? In the last hour or so?

Well, I am not sure about this, I just saw today that I had incoming 0 and outgoing 1, then a changed the topology of relay node to a private ip for the BP node (it was a public one before) from the relay and now it shows correctly. If the incoming 0 was there before when the block was produced, this is permanently lost? Or should I wait for a while for this to be sync even if the block was produced a few hours ago?

2072 forks? Is this normal to have?

How is your relay looking as well? incoming/outgoing etc.?

After fixing the issue, it is coming as follows:

I restarted the relay node an hour ago to update the topology file. Core node has not been restarted.

To be honest with you, I am not sure this is normal.

Who are your incoming and outgoing connections? normally a relay has many more than 2 in/out. It should be 15-20 each way.

That is a good point, but in my case, the block produced are lost? I will add more relay nodes to my relay topology file from here: I have also restarted my core and relay nodes. I will confirm if next time my produced blocks are properly propagated. Thank you Jeremyisme.

Are you using the topology updater? Having more outgoing connections is good, but you need to be able to get more incoming to be part of the network. That happens either via topology updater, or P2P.

Thank you Jeremyisme, I have also done this. Let see what happen next, when the next blocks are produced for the CENTUO pool.

Do you want to post the screenshot gLiveView of your relay now? If you’ve used the topology updater you should start getting more incoming peers over the next day.

I just want to make sure your relay is running right before you’re scheduled for your next block.

Thank you Jeremyisme, it is looking much better now. I think it is ready for the proper block production.


Ok. You also seem to have some transactions processed which is healthy. Hopefully your incoming increases a bit more than 5 over the next few days.

Again, Jeremyisme, thank you for your help.

Hello all, still same situation, I have the following BP node data but no blocks produced. What Served 2 is about in the block propagation section and why this is still happening? Thank you.

Now all working and my node has generated my first block. The remaining issue I had is that the topologyUpdater was not being executed every hour. Now all is ok.