Relay IP change: now not producing blocks!

Hi all, I bit desparate here…

I rebooted my relay yesterday, but the IP wasn’t marked as static, so Azure changed it. I immediately re-registered the pool with the new Relay IP, and shows the new IP successfully registered, with the new relay IP.

My BP node is sync’ing fine with the relay (as judged by cardano-cli shelley query tip --mainnet which is showing the correct and updating tip on BP and on Relay)…

But according to rewards output on and (Cardano PoolTool - The most comprehensive staking statistics for Cardano on the web.) I’ve - since this pool re-registration - now missed ~4 blocks (and counting), as compared to my leader-logs expected output (using: GitHub - DamjanOstrelic/cardano-leader-logs).

Running v1.24.2.

Any pointers or advice please?

Thank you!

Everything working fine on your BP?
do u have in/out peers?

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Hi @Alexd1985 - thx for reply. Raw (default log levels) console output looks to me exactly like it always did; lots of fromList logging. I’m logging console to file now, and will try and understand the logs in more detail when the next block is supposed to happen (13:28 UTC). Hoping it will work though; maybe I didn’t restart the BP process after the pool re-reg, not sure if that would have been needed?

How to check for in/out peers specifically?

I can see connection errors disapearing when the Relay comes online, so I’m sure it’s connecting to it - I usually check this by monitoring the chain tip (only a good connection to the Relay can result in BP tip being up-to-date, right?)

Yes restart your BP, should helps;

And for a better view u can install the script


Thanks Alex! I’ll update here in a few hrs, I think I didn’t restart it, so would explain…

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