Cardano Relay node question

Hey all,

I have decommissioned one of my relay nodes,

I am currently running 2 nodes. One is visible to ADA and 1 is not.

My previous setup had both registered.

My questions is so i need to change the pool.cert to recitify this issue showing the my relay is disconnected, or for the moment this will not make a difference to me making blocks?

Recap, in the about section you see my live relay and my decommissioned relay, I have setup another relay although have not registered it yet, Do i need to do this or will seeing the disconnected relay stop me from producing blocks this epoch?


Hi @laurence,

When you register your pool on the blockchain you also register your relays in the metadata file. If you change a relay (add/remove) you should update your registration. Adapools uses the registered relays to show uptime status. Meanwhile if you have 1 or more relays connected to your BP node you will make blocks even if they are not registered. There are even pools who choose to register 1 relay and have the other one unregistered.

Thanks for answering,

I am currently in the process of creating a few more relays in different areas,

I wanted to complete this process before reregistering and updating information. Just so i do not have to complete the registration process 3 times.

I will finish the deployment and updates then I will update registration and meta.

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