Corona Virus and Crypto

Will the Corona virus have an impact on Cardano’s ability to keep the roadmap progressing.Will it affect Cardano people, like Charles’s,travel plans? Will the crypto market suffer significant loses as the case with the stock market?Will people,particularly Chinese pull their funds from crypto to cash up,compensating for losses in equities?

here’s a tweet from charles :slight_smile:

imo im with him at that point.

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See update here:

IOHK is a decentralized company which is also helpful in circumstances like these.

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I am an IOHK employee working on the Haskell team.

The vast majority of IOHK employers (especially the devs and devops people) work from home in dozens of countries around the world.

Working from home means people aren’t sitting in crowded offices during the day and aren’t catching public transport to and from the office.

Being distributed across many countries and regions of the world means that if one country or region is hit particularly heavily, only a small portion of IOHK’s workforce is like to be in that country or region.

Finally IOHK had planned a company get together in Kyoto some time in April. That is highly likely to be postponed or cancelled.


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