Countries present on the forum!

So checking out the forum we see -

  1. :us: USA
  2. :jp: Japan
  3. :cn: China
  4. :kr: Korea
  5. :uk: UK
  6. :ru: Russia
  7. :belgium: Belgium
  8. :australia: Australia
  9. :de: Germany
  10. :malaysia: Malaysia
  11. :nigeria: Nigeria
  12. :clipperton_island: France
  13. :netherlands: Netherlands
  14. :es: Spain
  15. :israel: Israel
  16. :south_africa: South Africa
  17. :it: Italy
  18. :portugal: Portugal
  19. :canada: Canada
  20. :singapore: Singapore
  21. :bahamas: Bahamas
  22. :norway: Norway
  23. :croatia: Croatia
  24. :pakistan: Pakistan
  25. :serbia: Serbia
  26. :indonesia: Indonesia
  27. :sweden: Sweden
  28. :kuwait: Kuwait
  29. :argentina: Argentina
  30. :macau: Macau
  31. :poland: Poland
  32. :finland: Finland
  33. :romania: Romania
  34. :philippines: Philippines
  35. :denmark: Denmark
  36. :switzerland: Switzerland
  37. :india: India
  38. :brazil: Brazil
  39. :colombia: Colombia
  40. :ethiopia: Ethiopia
  41. :luxembourg: Luxembourg
  42. :new_zealand: New Zealand
  43. :lithuania: Lithuania
  44. :slovakia: Slovakia
  45. :bosnia_herzegovina: Bosnia
  46. :ecuador: Ecuador
  47. :macedonia: Macedonia
  48. :austria: Austria
  49. :morocco: Morocco
  50. :estonia: Estonia
  51. :united_arab_emirates: U.A.E
  52. :greece: Greece
  53. :uk: Scotland
  54. :thailand: Thailand
  55. :ireland: Ireland
  56. :lesotho: Lesotho
  57. :barbados: Barbados
  58. :ukraine: Ukraine
  59. :hong_kong: Hong Kong
  60. :czech_republic: Czech Republic
  61. :peru: Peru
  62. :malta: Malta
  63. :uzbekistan: Uzbekistan
  64. :vietnam: Vietnam
  65. :angola: Angola
  66. :georgia: Georgia
  67. :slovenia: Slovenia
  68. :mexico: Mexico
  69. :chile: Chile
69 nations and counting. Nice representation human race!

Who did I miss?



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Exactly. Did not notice. Thank you.

Awesome contribution.
Canโ€™t remember his nickname but I was in contact with a guy from Austria.


Added. Grazi

Morocco its present too :wink:


Ahlan Wasahlan :slight_smile:

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Ahlan wasahlan

Iโ€™m from Estonia

:estonia: Tere Tervist!

@CosmosX & @vantuz-subhuman
You guys are awesome!

Thanks for the Make Over! :sunny:



Why USA and Belgium in bold, whatโ€™s so special about them?? :grinning:


Well, we have fries obviouslyโ€ฆ And wafflesโ€ฆ And Beers!! America has trump so i donโ€™t know why the boldness.:slightly_smiling_face:.

Edit: i corrected the format for belgium.


No flag for Scotland. :frowning: I didnโ€™t check but I bet Catalonia is missing tooโ€ฆ

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US fixed :\


Gentlemen, Hello!!
Maybe this letter came to me by accident. I donโ€™t quite understand Who you were in contact with from Austria?

A few weeks ago I replied in this forum to a guy from Austria, but I cannot remember his nickname.

Hi there, am Tommy from Korea. As far as I know ADA is only available in Upbit Korean KRW,BTC,ETH market. How can u buy ADA in u r country?:heart:

Mostly Binanace, but there are other exchanges too. :slight_smile:

Aha.@rin9s, thanks.